carne asada

Los Cinco Puntos – Los Angeles, CA (Boyle Heights)

First and foremost, Los Cinco Puntos is a carniceria, or butcher shop, that has been serving the East Los Angeles community for well over forty years. Once inside, your senses are greeted by the sight of the steamy glass display cases showcasing every imaginable cut of meat, as well as the smell of homemade tortillas being heated to order.
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Mariela’s Tacos – Los Angeles, CA

I've gotten a little lazy with my mission of eating a new taco each week, abandoning the more obscure, out of the way places on my list for nearby, last minute fill-ins. That's exactly how I ended up at Mariela's Tacos on Monday night, needing to fulfill my weekly taco quota without expending much effort.
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Tacos el Pueblita – Los Angeles, CA

Tacos are easy to come by in Los Angeles, something that I’m reminded of driving around the city on any given night. Everyone has their favorites, but for me, the real fun happens when I discover the places that operate just under the radar, the neighborhood joints that haven’t been overtaken by gringos or discussed and debated on Yelp.
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