little tokyo

b.o.s. – Los Angeles, CA

Ran by former Men Oh GM Jun Isogai and Chef David Bartnes, b.o.s. appeared poised to make a name for itself in the crowded downtown dining scene with its beef-centric menu making full use of all the "scrap" parts. Though items like bone marrow and tongue are becoming more and more ubiquitous across Los Angeles menus, Chef Bartnes takes things further by utilizing heart, various intestines, brain, ...
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Kokekokko – Los Angeles, CA

If you let Yelp tell it, the only people who enjoy Kokekokko are regulars. How can you tell a regular? To start, they are served on special black plates that are purported to be from Japan and often have the customer's name engraved on them. Next, these VIP's have access to a "secret" menu with items that are unavailable to first-timers and those yet to leave a lasting impression.
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Sushi Gen – Los Angeles, CA

When talking sushi in regards to the "Little Tokyo" section of downtown Los Angeles, there are three big names when it comes to sushi: next-door neighbors Hama Sushi and Restaurant Komasa, and Sushi Gen (Sushi Go 55 is always worth shouting out, although the few times I've eaten there have been very hit-or-miss).
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