Kiriko – Los Angeles, CA

I sat down in front of Chef Shinji and watched as he finished plating a tiny mound of uni alongside rarely seen mantis shrimp. After giving his station a wipe and resetting his supplies, I requested omakase with no restrictions. I also made sure to order a round of beer for the chefs to show my appreciation for their serving me so late.
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Sushi Gen – Los Angeles, CA

When talking sushi in regards to the "Little Tokyo" section of downtown Los Angeles, there are three big names when it comes to sushi: next-door neighbors Hama Sushi and Restaurant Komasa, and Sushi Gen (Sushi Go 55 is always worth shouting out, although the few times I've eaten there have been very hit-or-miss).
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Ino Sushi – San Francisco, CA

There's something very liberating about eating at a sushi bar and leaving everything up to the knife-wielding man behind the counter. I trust that he'll serve me the best of what he has available, and he trusts me to be open-minded about tastes and prices (eating sushi this way is not cheap). No menu, no ordering, no worrying.
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Sushi Zo – Los Angeles, CA

I imagine that just about everyone who's been fortunate enough to experience Urasawa considers it Los Angeles' best sushi. However, the task of crowning a second-best is much more difficult, leading to much debate amongst the city's sushi snobs. Being that I've yet to make it to Urasawa, I figured I'd have an easier (and less expensive) time navigating through the "best of the rest", which is why I found myself...
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