san francisco

Ino Sushi – San Francisco, CA

There's something very liberating about eating at a sushi bar and leaving everything up to the knife-wielding man behind the counter. I trust that he'll serve me the best of what he has available, and he trusts me to be open-minded about tastes and prices (eating sushi this way is not cheap). No menu, no ordering, no worrying.
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Swan Oyster Depot San Francisco, CA

Watching the Sancimino brothers in action behind the counter at Swan Oyster Depot is one of my favorite food experiences, a must every time I visit San Francisco. I've waited upwards of an hour for a stool along the cramped 18-seat counter, but the instant I slurp down that first oyster none of that matters.
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SPQR – San Francisco, CA

Prior to going on any trip or vacation, I spend some time a week or two before leaving to compile a list of places to eat. Sometimes it's just to try a single item, say a certain sandwich or dessert, and other times I want a full meal that captures the complete experience of a restaurant.
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