Tosokchon – Seoul, South Korea

Samgyetang is basically a Korean chicken soup featuring an entire small chicken stuffed with glutinous rice, ginseng, jujubes, ginger, garlic and other medicinal herbs. I've noticed that Koreans in general are really into the purported health benefits of their food (probiotics in kimchi I get, pork belly and duck fat I'm a bit more skeptical about) and this supposedly nutrient-packed soup is no different.
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Sky’s Gourmet Tacos – Los Angeles, CA

I’ve been eating at Sky’s Gourmet Tacos on and off since I was a high school student at nearby L.A.C.E.S. in the mid-00’s. I had just begun to venture out into the taco expanse of Los Angeles, and Sky’s was one of the first places I came across. Their shrimp tacos instantly had me hooked, especially when the only other competition at the time was my mom’s ground beef and Lawry’s seasoning variety.
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Swan Oyster Depot San Francisco, CA

Watching the Sancimino brothers in action behind the counter at Swan Oyster Depot is one of my favorite food experiences, a must every time I visit San Francisco. I've waited upwards of an hour for a stool along the cramped 18-seat counter, but the instant I slurp down that first oyster none of that matters.
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Fishing With Dynamite – Manhattan Beach, CA

Though the name of David LeFevre's latest addition to the Manhattan Beach dining scene may piss off the folks at PETA, serious seafood seekers should be smiling with yet another top-notch destination to satisfy all of their marine cravings. Housed in a sleek grey building on the corner of Manhattan avenue and 12th street, mere blocks from the beach, Fishing With Dynamite combines the sensibilities of an East Coast...
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Fisherman’s Outlet – Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles has never been thought of as a "seafood city" in the same way that a Boston or New Orleans or Seattle is, but in recent years there have been several restaurant openings seeking to change that perception. Proven standby's like Providence and Water Grill remain at the forefront, with more recent additions like Son of a Gun, L&E Oyster Bar, and Connie & Ted's providing a formidable selection of choices...
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