south bay

Torihei – Torrance, CA

After a rather impressive showing at Kokekokko sent me into full blown yakitori hysteria, I found myself at Torihei just a few nights later for more skewered meats. The South Bay in general is a hotbed for Japanese food that certainly rivals both Little Tokyo and Little Osaka (Sawtelle) in Los Angeles.
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Nozomi – Torrance, CA

My affinity for Japanese food has lead me to the Torrance quite a bit over the last several months. Sure, Los Angeles has both Little Tokyo and Little Osaka (Sawtelle), but Torrance is home to the country's second-largest Japanese population, and with that some truly great restaurants that cater to a much more "regular" crowd. One place that had been on my radar for some time was Nozomi.
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Shin Sen Gumi Yakitori – Gardena, CA

In addition to their top notch ramen, SSG also excels in yakitori which can be found at four of their seven Southern California locations. The original, in Gardena, is regarded by many as one of the top places to chow down on the charcoal-grilled skewers of meat (and a handful of veggies, although those are usually best when wrapped in pork belly).
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