Sky’s Gourmet Tacos – Los Angeles, CA

I’ve been eating at Sky’s Gourmet Tacos on and off since I was a high school student at nearby L.A.C.E.S. in the mid-00’s. I had just begun to venture out into the taco expanse of Los Angeles, and Sky’s was one of the first places I came across. Their shrimp tacos instantly had me hooked, especially when the only other competition at the time was my mom’s ground beef and Lawry’s seasoning variety.
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Tacos el Pueblita – Los Angeles, CA

Tacos are easy to come by in Los Angeles, something that I’m reminded of driving around the city on any given night. Everyone has their favorites, but for me, the real fun happens when I discover the places that operate just under the radar, the neighborhood joints that haven’t been overtaken by gringos or discussed and debated on Yelp.
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El Grullense – Los Angeles, CA

Looking at all of the framed photos that hang on the walls inside El Grullense, it´s obvious that whoever is in charge here is very proud of their Mexican heritage. Old maps, portraits of previous presidents, and celebrated athletes now past their prime look out as reminders of home, of memories and a culture never to be lost or forgotten.
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The Bellevue Steakhouse – Los Angeles, CA (Echo Park)

Head east on Bellevue Avenue after 6pm on the weekend, past the recently revitalized Echo Park Lake, past the 101 freeway entrance, and there's a good chance that you´ll see a simple plancha illuminated by the glow of a few well-placed lights. The hum of a nearby generator competes for attention with the roar of the freeway backdrop, but the seductive smell of grilled meat overrides all...
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Cactus #2 – Los Angeles, CA

Prior to Guisados opening their second location mere minutes away from Elysian parkway, Cactus #2 on Beverly used to be my go-to meal for Dodgers games. I'd stop by to pick up a burrito, maybe a couple of tacos, and an horchata and I'd be set for nine innings of baseball.
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El Chato – Los Angeles, CA

Drive past the corner of La Brea and Olympic on a Tuesday night around ten o'clock and there will invariably be a hungry crowd of likely intoxicated Angelenos lined up for a plate full of tacos from El Chato. Holding down the empty lot at Harry's Collision Center every Tuesday-Saturday night, El Chato is one of the city's most popular taco destinations, and for good reason.
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El Tauro Taco – Los Angeles, CA

When I set out to get some tacos on a Monday night, El Tauro Taco wasn't my first choice. It wasn't my second or third, either. Such is life hunting down taco trucks in Los Angeles. Monday-Wednesday are often slow nights in the LA taco world, with heavy-hitters like El Chato and El Flamin' closed, and Leo's Tacos keeping their trompo, responsible for their ridiculously good al pastor, on the sidelines.
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