Free Range LA and East Borough Present: Chino de Mayo 2014 – Los Angeles, CA

What do you get when you cross one of the city's best fried chicken purveyors with a Vietnamese restaurant on a Mexican-American holiday? Chino de Mayo, of course. The collaboration between Free Range LA, East Borough and The HundredsXTapatio was in full effect Monday night with a constant wait for tables and a packed bar area of hungry cool guys and girls eager to indulge in the evening's special menu.
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Brodard Restaurant – Garden Grove, CA

I don’t visit find myself in Garden Grove very often, but when I do it's always centered around a meal at Brodard for an order or two of their trademark nem nuong cuon, Tucked away inside the Mall of Fortune, Brodard has become somewhat of an iconic restaurant for the nation’s second-largest Vietnamese community, evidenced by the throng of people constantly crowded around the entrance waiting to hear their name...
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