The Bellevue Steakhouse – Los Angeles, CA (Echo Park)

Bellevue-FrontHead east on Bellevue Avenue after 6pm on the weekend, past the recently revitalized Echo Park Lake, past the 101 freeway entrance, and there’s a good chance that you´ll see a simple plancha illuminated by the glow of a few well-placed lights. The hum of a nearby generator competes for attention with the roar of the freeway backdrop, but the seductive smell of grilled meat overrides all other sensory inputs and focuses your attention on the task at hand – tacos.


The name Bellevue Steakhouse (formerly the La Movidita truck) may be a bit misleading, but make no mistake about it, there’s nothing deceptive about the no-fuss tacos and quesadillas here. The available meat options consist of the usual suspects – carne asada, al pastor, chorizo, lengua, and cabeza – but the must-order here is the less commonly seen suadero, or beef brisket. Like any good brisket the meat comes tender and fatty, oily enough to remind you to hit the gym the next morning, with the right char from spending just enough time on the grill. At $1.25 per taco you may think you’re getting a good deal, but when you’re handed the plate of tortillas that come topped with enough meat to stuff inside a burrito, you quickly realize that what you’re getting is a GREAT deal. Toss some onions and cilantro on top and a ladle of salsa roja then scarf down a few while taking a minute to rejoice in how blessed we are to reside in this taco heaven of a city.

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The Bellevue Steakhouse

1505 Bellevue Ave.

Los Angeles, CA

Dine date: Sun 06.23.13, 10:30pm

Posted on 25 Jun 2013